Internet Of Cash Token

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IOC Token - The Merchant/Consumer Convergence

IOCs' are a multi-use, cash-equivalent crypto currency token built on Ethereum's ERC20 Standards, running on the Proof Sidechain. Federal (Fiat) currency is exchanged for IOC at BTM Kiosks, local and online partners and spent at any participating merchant or business. The "IOC" can be used by merchants and consumers as a universal coupon, loyalty reward, prepaid deal or community currency. The IOC's built-in discount structure creates a value boost at the point of sale as long as it circulates on-net within the participating community, but can be exchanged back to fiat currency at any time.

The circulation of IOCs' encourages capital to remain within a local business community, building a greater affinity between the local business community and its citizens.

Tokens Created : 300M
Blockchain : Proof Sidechain
Type : ERC20 Token
Sale Value: $1 USD/IOC
Symbol: IOC