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GEOSHARES - Tokenized Common Stock

The basic idea behind GEOS is to represent certified securities in an entity (e.g. shares in a startup) with immutable tokens on the Bitcoin/Ethereum network. Today there is no active traditional secondary market for venture capital / startup equity. aims to extend this to crypto and non-crypto investors, through representing equity/shares as Blockchain tokens. To make this work practical, we have established a legal-technical structure that attaches self-enforcing smart contract using the Proof Sidechain to such tokens, and also provides for a legal position that is enforceable off-chain, in regular legal proceedings.

Issued : 400K
Blockchain : Proof Sidechain
Sale Value : $1.66 USD
Symbol : GEOS
SEC Compliance : Rule 506(b)(c)
Governance : Corporations Act, Florida

ICO Launch Scheduled...