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Geopay.me, Inc., is a privately held US money service business and alternative payment network registered with the US Treasury and FINCEN MSB Reg: 31000066724535. The company is focused on easing consumer and merchant adoption of digital token currencies, primarily in support of localized economies. We are leveraging a unique combination of mobile and Blockchain technologies to develop networked money solutions and specialized merchant exchange services that increase commerce for communities as well as the global digital payments industry. The Geopay.me platform is extensible to a suite of consumer, merchant-centric and carrier class solutions. We facilitate digital payments acceptance, real-time remittance compliance for licensed 3rd party network operators and exchange of cryptocurrencies (e.g. Bitcoin and other digital convertible tokens)-- on a global network we call the "Internet of Cash."

Meet the Team

John Karantonis


Antonios Valamontes

Co-Founder/Executive Chairman

Vasili Stigka

Lead Developer

Jerry Daniel

Senior Engineer